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Mounted Feeding Cups For Arboreal Lizards

Many arboreal lizards rarely travel down to the ground to eat. Instead, they eat the plentiful insects--and fruit, in the case of some species--found up in the trees. Our mounted feeding cups provide an inexpensive solution to a unique challenge presented by arboreal lizards. Mounted feeding cups allow you to emulate the natural eating habits for geckos in captivity.   

Better for Lizards

  In our experience, arboreal lizards tend to eat much more readily when food is elevated from the ground. Food that is available closer to where they hang out is more likely to be eaten sooner. This provides an enormous benefit since feeder insects will eventually clean off any dusted supplements and digest any gutload, which means feeder insects loose nutrition if left too long.   Like any food dish, mounted feeding cups help contain feeder insects, insects which would otherwise hide and likely not get eaten. In addition, feeder insects that would otherwise burrow into loose substrate, like dubia roaches and black soldier fly larvae, can be offered with ease in a feeding cup, increasing the variety of feeder insects that can be offered to arboreal lizards.   


  Mounted feeding cups are also less likely to flood with water. Food dishes placed at the floor of the enclosure are bound to collect water when the enclosure is misted. Even if removed during misting, water dripping down from plants, bamboo, cork, or other surfaces can still flood the feeding dish--and anyone who has ever had a food dish filled with insects get even slightly wet knows what the mess is like! By placing mounted feeding cups on the walls, it’s easy to avoid misting them directly (especially when placed on the doors of front-opening enclosures), and their elevated position reduces the risk of water dripping onto them.  Two of our favorite advantages of using mounted feeding cups is the minimal disruption to the enclosure and its inhabitants, and the lower risk of cross-contamination between enclosures. A hand moving around in an enclosure, probably looking pretty predatory to a lizard, imposed unnecessary stress on them. Not only have we been able to save time using these mounted feeding cups, but we’re also far less likely to scare a lizard into bolting right out of the enclosure! 

How to Use

  For all of its advantages, mounting feeding cups are extremely easy to use. Simply attach the suction cup to a smooth surface within the upper half of the enclosure, and you’re ready to go! We strongly recommend purchasing a normal feeding cup of the same size (1 oz, 2 oz, or 4 oz) to use as an in-lay to place inside the mounted feeding cup--that way, if the in-lay ever gets dirty, all you need to do is remove and replace it!    So are you interested in making life a bit easier for you and your arboreal lizards? Purchase some mounted feeding cups here ![button-green url="" target="_blank" position="center"]Buy Mounted Feeding Cups[/button-green]

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