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How to Control Mites in Fruit Fly Cultures

Grain mites are always present in fruit fly cultures. These mites eat the same food as fruit flies, and can become out of control if the fruit flies are not taken care of properly. Mites in fruit fly cultures can be a problem, but they can also be maintained.Here are three simple ways to limit grain mites in your fruit fly cultures

1. Environment

Maintaining a good environment for your fruit fly cultures will mean increased fly production. While this doesn't seem like much, allowing the fruit flies to breed quickly will naturally keep the mites at bay.Keep your cultures in the high 70's with 60 - 80% humidity to promote breeding and hatching.

2. Clean Cultures

Use cleaner cultures when creating new ones. Fruit fly cultures will eventually have a high population of mites as your fly population decreases over time. You'll be able to visibly see grain mites as they get out of hand. They appear as small white dots.Try to start new cultures from current cultures that still have a low mite population. Also remove older cultures to a different area once you can see an increase in mites, or once the culture is 28 days old.Since grain mites are already in your home, store cultures away from natural mite environments such as grain products (this includes mealworm bedding).

3. Bug Blade

We offer a product specifically to limit mite issues in cultures. Use Josh's Frogs Bug Blade by sprinkling some on a surface and placing your cultures on top. This will keep mites from traveling to the cultures, and away from the culture. For supplies to create your own Fruit Fly Cultures visit the Josh's Frogs Culture Kit page.To learn how to make fruit fly cultures read our blog: How to Culture Fruit Flies  

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