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How to Keep Frogs in an Office or Classroom

Frogs are awesome - it's no wonder people want to keep them anywhere they can! While setting up a frog vivarium at home has its own challenges, maintaining a frog habitat in an office or classroom has its own unique set of challenges that must be addressed.In addition to typical husbandry and environmental needs, keep the following things in mind when considering keeping frogs in an office or classroom. Emily Vivarium
  1. Permission - It seems obvious, but make sure to double check that keeping frogs is allowed before you spend a dime! In general, frogs are not going to typically bother coworkers or pose a risk to students, but it's always better to check first!
  2. Temperature and Humidity - Many offices and schools turn off the heat or A/C off during the weekends. Depending on your weather, this could pose big problems for any frogs left over the weekend. This may mean the frogs need to be transported home for the weekend, for holidays, or rule out the possibility of keeping frogs altogether. Assuming temperature is not an issue, humidity may be. Many frogs require daily misting to maintain the proper humidity level. You may not have access to the frog's habitat over the weekend or during holidays. It's unlikely an automatic misting system would be permitted due to risks of leaking. With some tropical frogs that do not require lots of ventilation reducing or eliminating airflow can result in the enclosure holding on to more humidity for a longer period of time. For example, using a full glass top on a dart frog vivarium instead of mesh screens.
  3. Exposure to Cleaners - In an office or classroom, you may not have control over the cleaning chemicals used around your animals. Many cleaners and deodorizers are toxic to frogs, and care must be taken to ensure that your pets are not put in a potentially dangerous situation.
  4. Unwanted visitors - You should expect that your pet frogs will attract unwanted visitors in an office or classroom setting. Curious coworkers or meddling kids may open the enclosure when it's unattended. Make sure the enclosure is secure by keeping it in a locked room or utilize a cage lock.
  5. Escaped feeders - A potential risk of keeping frogs is the occasional escaped feeder insect. While this may not seem like a big deal at home among ""animal people"", it may certainly bother students or coworkers! Take care to seal your frog tank against escapees, and make sure that you're not bothering those around you. If feeding fruit flies, a cup of apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap
  6. Noise - Some frogs make noise, and can be quite loud. Most frogs will call after lights out when presumably the office or classroom is empty, but some species, such as poison dart frogs, may call during the day. Double check the species you're after before purchase to ensure this does not become an issue down the road.
 Interested in seeing how we set up vivariums for the office? Check out our YouTube video:  Keeping a Vivarium in your Classroom or OfficeUPDATE: As of 2018 the Habisphere by Exo Terra featured in this blog and video has been discontinued. Our new recommendation is an Exo Terra 18x18x18 terrarium.


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