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Josh's Frogs Aquatic Turtle Kits

Have an aquatic turtle looking for a home? Better yet, are you doing your research before picking up a new shelled pet? Check out Josh's Frogs Aquatic Turtle Complete Kits! These kits are designed to provide you with a great start to aquatic turtle pet ownership.Josh's Frogs carries our very own line of complete turtle kits, as well as kits made by Zoo Med.Each kit was specifically curated with the special needs of aquatic turtles in mind. With three sizes available, kits come with a range of items designed to fit the tank size you already have. Items include substrate, fake plants, water conditioners, heaters, and more.A perfect addition to Turtle Kits are the Josh's Frogs  Aquatic Turtle Feeder Bundle. This package comes with 5 different foods, both alive and dried, to keep your turtles happy and healthy.Looking for ways to customize your tank? Check out our entire turtle section for items that make your turtle shake their shell. Want a sneak peak of our Turtle Kits? Check out this video: [button-green url="" target="_blank" position="center"]Aquatic Turtle Complete Kits[/button-green] 

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