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Growing Mood Moss in a Bell Jar in my Workspace

One of the best things about working in the Plant Department at Josh’s Frogs is the access I have to over 25,000 plants. As a plant lover, having access to that many plants is a real struggle for me. I have to make a serious effort not to turn my work area into a literal jungle. If I’m really being honest, I'd love to turn the entire five story building that houses Josh’s Frogs into a jungle. I dream of leaping frogs, climbing toads and insects all roaming freely in my man-made jungle as my co-workers flit happily around filling orders. But alas, this cannot be. So I force myself to redirect my thoughts to a more realistic place. I focus on the beautiful plants that do fill one floor of this building and my own personal workspace on another floor.

Out of all these plants, I pick the hardest one to grow?

One of my very favorite plants that we carry is the Fresh Mood Moss. When I look at it, I think of rolling hills of grass, softly swaying in the wind. It has great color and grows in those nice little clumps. Most folks seem to be under the impression that moss is difficult to grow. Yes, moss can be tempermental when grown in the wrong conditions. But follow a few simple guidelines and you will be rewarded with a lush, green, low maintenance moss garden right on your desk.

Determined to have some Mood Moss growing in my workspace, I decided to experiment. Again, I have access to all of the glass terrariums, pots and planters that we carry here at Josh's Frogs. Experimenting allows me to find what works, what doesn't work, and pass that along to our customers so they can make the right choice when choosing which plants to grow.

The key to success is choosing the right container

Most moss love humidity so I knew growing it in an open pot wouldn't work. I love cloche/bell jars so I decided to try one of our 6” Cloche Bell Jar Terrariums.  I started with a ½” layer of Josh’s Frogs Potting Soil in the bottom of the glass tray. I then planted the Fresh Mood Moss on top and put the dome on.  After the dome was in place I sprinkled a thin layer of gravel around the base, just enough to cover up the exposed potting soil and give it a more finished look. I placed it in my east facing window next to my desk and it's growing great.  I keep the soil moist (not wet) and take the lid off for about a half hour every week to allow the condensation on the glass to dry.

SONY DSC Fresh Mood Moss Bell Jar in a windowsill
Treat it right and you will be rewarded

When growing moss indoors, it's important to remember that it needs bright light. Even though it may grow in shady areas naturally, There's a big difference in the amount of light a plant gets in a shady area outside vs. the amount of artificial light it gets indoors. When growing under artificial lighting inside, give it as much as you can. Indirect light from a window is best but remember, growing any plant in a bell jar or terrarium can cause the plant to cook very quickly when it's exposed to direct sunlight. Eastern facing windows with less intense morning sun or north facing windows work best. If you don’t have a window in your workspace, bright fluorescent lighting or even a small plant light will work.

SONY DSC Fresh Mood Moss Bell Jar up close

Don’t wait to turn your workspace into a jungle. Studies have shown that plants in the workspace make employees less stressed, more productive and clean the air. And if you’re anything like me, having plants around inspire me and help to get my creative juices flowing, and that's always a good thing.

Happy planting.

Tina Potter

Josh's Frogs Plant Department

Sprig & Stone's Fresh Live Mood Moss & Live Sheet Moss


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