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Get them before they're gone (from the hobby)!

We've all heard the phrase ""Get ____ before they're gone!"". This call to action typically is used to promote a product make a quick sale. Unfortunately, in the frog hobby this is not always the case.


Many species or morphs in the hobby have a habit of going through a 'boom and bust' cycle. Initially, a new species or morph is in demand (and quite expensive!). Then, as newer animals become available and (hopefully) captive breeding has made the previously uncommon and desirable frog more widely available and less expensive, it's price falls, and less people are interested in keeping said species or morph. With less people interested in adding that frog to their collection, the price falls even more as breeders drop prices to move froglets. Eventually, what was once a rare and expensive animal is something you can hardly give away. For many species, this means the end in the pet trade.


What can you do? Work with frogs that you like. Set aside a vivarium or two for species that are in danger of disappearing from the hobby, or a specific import of bloodline that is not well represented in the hobby.

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One particular species we work with at Josh's Frogs, Dendrobates truncatus 'Yellow', has suffered through many boom and bust cycles. At the end of every cycle, less and less genetic variability remains in the captive population. The captive frog population would greatly benefit from more people working with this species. Heck, we'll help you help them! Use coupon code ""FROGARK"" and get $10 off every yellow truncatus you buy. Forever. Today. Tomorrow. A year from now. Whenever. The more people working with this species, the less likely it is to disappear forever. We're doing our part - are you?

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