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Frogs and Winter Shipping

It's cold outside, and that means shipping frogs safely gets a little more complicated. Luckily, the good folks at Josh's Frogs have over a decade of experience shipping frogs and have winter shipping down pat. Like always, we send out an email to schedule a date for frog shipping right after the order is placed. We'll check your weather after getting a response, and proceed from there with your future pet's safety in mind. Regardless of weather-mandated additional shipping materials or hold times, frog shipping is still a flat rate $39.99, no matter how many frogs you purchase.

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If the overnight lows the night before your frogs arrive is 40F or higher, we can ship right to you! We'll use a custom shipping box with 1"" thick foam, gel packs, and a heat pack to keep your frog nice and warm in transit. We've even put together some cold weather shipping kits if you need to ship some animals!If the overnight lows are 30F or higher, we can still ship, but require that we ship the frog to a Fedex facility for pickup. That way, the frog is kept in a climate controlled area at the end of it's journey, and doesn't sit in the back of a chilly delivery truck. We'll also use our custom phase change material - Josh's Frogs EcoTherm - to ensure your frog stays at a comfortable temperature on it's way to you.If the overnight lows are below 30F, we'll keep your frogs here until it warms up a bit, free of charge. While your frogs are on vacation in our purpose built froglet room, our office staff will check weather twice a week and alert you as soon as a shipping window opens up. We've held frogs for up to half a year before while waiting for better weather, but a shipping window typically opens up every few weeks in all but the worst winter weather. We know you're eager to get your new froggy pets home, but we also know you want your frogs to arrive alive and healthy!Only a couple frogs are exempt from this policy. Solomon Island Leaf Frogs and Red Eye Tree Frogs will not ship when the weather is below 40F. These species seem to be particularly sensitive to cold weather.

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So, what are you waiting for? It may be cold out, but that's not a reason to postpone bringing a bit of tropical rainforest into your home! At Josh's Frogs, we have all the healthy, captive bred tropical frogs you desire, and all the supplies and feeders they'll need to thrive!

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