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Ease of Care Blog The magic and wonder of rainforests in a glass box with the ease of modern naturalistic care. Dart frogs are amazing and mysterious creatures of the majestic rainforests of South America.  They are brightly colored, bold in nature, and live quite the extraordinary life. Oh yeah… they are also poisonous.  Some are even toxic enough to kill several men! These qualities are what make them so exciting and amazing when we go to the zoo or aquarium with a great rainforest display.  The lush exotic plants, mosses, rocks… It makes you forget the world around you and, for a moment, believe you are out in the wilds of the jungle. You spend the next few months dreaming of having a giant vivarium installed in the wall between your kitchen and living room so you can escape the world outside by living in your own jungle filled with the most amazing creatures. Then it turns into a slightly smaller dream when you realize the cost and renovations required to put such an enclosure in your home.  So now it’s a 100 gallon tank… then a 50 gallon tank and then the dream eventually fades and we go back to watching the world on TV. If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone… But you might be mistaken.  Owning your own slice of the jungle in a glass box is easier than ever to do. It is also more sustainable and environmentally friendly than ever before!   We here at Josh’s Frogs have been working hard over the last decade bringing people closer with nature.  We have created a massive collection of blogs and informational videos to help guide you along your way and provide advice from the very people working with the animals you purchase from us.   Dart frog daily care of a properly set up vivaium only takes about 5-10 minutes.  You can even cut down on this time with automatic misting and timers for your lighting.  A vivarium properly setup and maintained can last for 2 years before ever needing to have the substrate changed out.  Dart frog vivariums are fun to build and you can get as creative as you want. We have fully customizable backgrounds, overhangs, ledges, water features and so much more.   Though the setup of a dart frog vivarium may seem a little pricey compared to a hamster… Keep in mind that a pet like a hamster requires constant cleaning and substrate change. The average person spends $160 setting up the hamster habitat and can spend well over $150 in regular care supplies, treats and toys. So lets get you started! Step 1:  Go to  Search through the available dart frogs.  Read the profile to ensure that their care and activities are what you are looking for and choose the type of frog you would like to work with.   Step 2: Go to the How to Guides section of our website.  Research and learn all you can about the setup, care and all of the ins and outs of Dart Frog care. Step 3:  Once you know what is necessary to set up a successful dart frog vivarium, it’s time to order.  All of our kits are 100% adjustable so that you only order what you will need. Step 4:  Setup. Be creative and set up your own mini jungle.  The many dart frogs love to climb and perch so make sure you make it awesome! Step 5:  Get your frogs!   Once you get your frogs all settled in then you can enjoy them.    

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