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Donate to USARK! Why and How

Josh's Frogs has recently partnered with USARK, the United States Association of Reptile Keepers, in order to support them. USARK is a registered non-profit organization which advocates the keeping and breeding of reptile and amphibian pets. This organization strongly believes in the idea of conservation through commercialization - that the captive breeding of reptiles and amphibians is the future of the exotic pet trade, a belief shared with Josh's Frogs. USARK is defending your right to keep reptiles and amphibians as pets, and routinely is fighting impending legislation around the country that seeks to reduce or eliminate your rights! More information about the United States Association of Reptile Keepers can be found here.


What can you do to help? Donate! To make it easy for you to help support the organization defending your rights as pet owners, Josh's Frogs now offers a convenient way to give support to USARK, right at checkout on the Josh's Frogs website. Simply enter in the amount you'd like to donate in the 'Donation' field at checkout, then click the 'Add Donation to My Order Total' button, and your donation will be added to your order. Josh's Frogs will then transfer the donation directly to USARK!

Protect your rights, and the animals you love. Donate to USARK today!

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