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How to Determine the Sex of Roaches

Madagascar Hissing Cockroachs

Like many insects, Madagascar hissing cockroaches are sexually dimorphic, meaning they have very distinct forms. This makes sexing your pet roach super easy! The first feature you may notice in males is the obvious protruding horns on the pronotum just behind their heads. Females have these horns as well, but they are much less defined. Males also have thicker antennae than females. These first two methods of identification work best when the Madagascar Hissers are adults.   The simplest and most foolproof method when distinguishing males and females is to look at the roaches underside towards the bottom. Males have a series of three plates at the tail end of their abdomens, while females have just one large segment.                 

Dubia Roachs

Dubia roaches  are much easier to sex as adults, when they have the most oblivious differences. The body of the female dubia is relatively larger than the male. Males have wings that extend to the end of their abdomens while females just have small stubs.  Both juveniles and adults can also be sexed by looking at there undersides. The male’s last abdominal segment is small and narrow, as the female's is the full width of their abdomens.  Both of types of these cockroaches are for sale at Josh's Frogs!  

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