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Bugs and Their Uses

by Ryan Huether Many people visit Josh's Frogs looking for crickets and other feeder insects that are better priced than what can be found at a typical pet store. As we grow, however, Josh's Frogs is expanding its range of insect options, as bugs have many additional uses. Need a cleaner for your tank? We got you covered. Need a strong silent companion? We got you covered. Need to wage war on garden pests? We got you covered.
Bugs as biocontrol
In terms of biocontrol, Josh's Frogs has two primary options: the Carolina and Chinese mantis. Ravenous carnivores, these mantises will feast upon a wide range of herbivorous pests, and even ticks. All it takes to get reinforcements on the home garden front is to hang an egg mass outside with the gills facing down either on a branch of a plant in the garden or on your porch. After a nonspecific quantity of weeks, dozens of tiny predators will emerge and disperse to terrorize the June beetles, caterpillars, and aphids that plague your happy garden, all without a single drop of poison. Bugs as pets Some people will tell you that you can't pet a bug. Those people have never seen a tarantula. And if they did and tried to pet it, they would be rewarded with a bunch of itch inducing hairs in their hands. Insects aren't for people who need their pets to lick their faces, jump on their laps, and soil their carpets. Insects are for people who are content and brave enough to live with creatures that do their own thing and have their own agendas. Creatures that creep in the night. Creatures that crush the life from their prey before tearing it to pieces in their mandibles. Creatures that glow in the dark under blacklight and hiss at you when you bug them. Creatures that inhabit the worst nightmares of most people. Whether the aforementioned mantises, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, tarantulasmillipedes, or scorpions, Josh's Frogs hopes to provide its customers with a wide range of pet arthropods to choose from. So if you are one of those courageous few that crave to keep the creepiest of crawly critters, head on over to see if we've got what's right for you. Bugs as cleaners Ever look at the state of your terrariums and think, “I should get a maid”? Well now you can buy some bugs to help you keep things clean. For roach colonies, we have Dermestids beetles, which will feed on the refuse your roaches leave behind. For your lizards, geckos, Frogs, and other terrarium pets, we have isopods. And not just the generic store brand - dwarf white isopods. We've powdery blue. We've got giant orange. We've even got party mix! Just add a little confetti and get the cleanup party in your tank started today! Less common uses for bugs Ambience: having difficulty sleeping? Need some relaxing sound to whisk you into Dreamland? Get some adult crickets. We aren't sure if anyone has ever bought our crickets for this purpose but we have had people inquire about using them in this fashion. Taxidermy: got a deer head you need the flesh removed from? If you have a large enough Dermestid colony you could simply drop your dead animal carcass of choice in and the beetles would do the rest. Pranks: on at least two occasions that we are aware of, our cockroaches have been used for pranks. The most high profile of these involved an ESPN announcer who made the mistake of drawing a comparison between the fans of a particular team and roaches. Said fans proceeded to purchase roaches from us and have them shipped to his address. We cannot condone this use of our insects, but then we can't condone comparing football fans to cockroaches either.Links of Interest:

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