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Bringing the Outside In

How keeping frogs fosters a connection with (and respect for) nature.

Most of us will never have the opportunity to visit the rainforests, yet we all know they're important. Rainforests are centers of biodiversity, playing host to a huge diversity of plants and animals found nowhere else on earth. Rainforests produce a significant portion of the oxygen we breathe every day. Rainforests sequester carbon dioxide, reducing the effects man is having on a global scale. Rainforests are also an important source of drugs and medicines, with much more left to be discovered. Yet, in the daily hustle and bustle that makes up most of our lives, it's easy to lose sight of these benefits, instead viewing rainforests as far off places we'll never have the chance to experience.

By providing a way to interact with a bit of rainforest every day, keeping tropical frogs in a vivarium helps to keep us connected with nature. Live plants, displayed artfully in a living vivarium, work in conjunction with microfauna (springtails and isopods), fungus, and living animals to form a simplistic representation of a tropical biome. While a vivarium pales in comparison to the natural majesty of an actual rainforest, it does help bridge the gap between man and nature that modern living seems to force upon us. A well designed and constructed vivarium showcases the relationships between plants, animals, and fungi that we are so far removed from.

 Exposure to nature (even in a contained, planned environment such as a vivarium) leads to caring. Caring leads to change. Keeping frogs is a way for us to expose ourselves to nature on a daily basis. It's a way to get back to our roots - to what's really important. It also provides a calming influence on our all too hectic lives. At Josh's Frogs, we're dedicated to providing animals, products, and services that will help our customers bring a bit of nature back into their lives. We've carefully developed kits that make creation and maintenance of a living vivarium easier than ever, and a task to enjoy.

Feeling green? Looking to bring nature back into your life, or eager to bring some calm to your day to day routine? Check out Josh's Frogs, and consider bringing a frog and vivarium into your world.

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