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How To Assemble the Bumble Bee Toad Christmas Gift Kit

The complete kit can be found here for purchase. This is a wonderful way to get family and friends into herps! It's an affordable price and very easy to put together. Below are the easy instructions on what to do when you first get your kit!The first thing you will want to do is open the package of Josh's Frogs Coco Cradle Disks. You will only need 2 disks for the set up. You will have extra disks for later, when you need to clean out your toad tank. Each disk needs about 2 cups of reverse osmosis or distilled water to completely expand. Put about 4 cups of RO/distilled water into a container and place 2 disks inside the water. They will float just like the picture below, but don't worry, they will quickly begin sucking in water. Pet Frog Christmas Gift Kit - soaking the coconut fiber As the disks take in water they will grow in size and become loose. You can break apart the disks a little bit to help the expansion move along quicker. Pet Frog Christmas Gift Kit - expanding coconut fiberOnce it has soaked for a short time (it took us only about 10 minutes) it will become a thick consistency, and would keep it's shape if you balled it up, but still very moist. It should not be dripping. Pet Frog Christmas Gift Kit - expanded wet coconut fiber Use your hands to stir in any dry clumps or any left over water. Dump the mixture into the Exo Terra Faunarium and spread around the bottom. Do not pack it down in the bottom. Pet Frog Christmas Gift Kit - enclosure with coconut fiber Attach the suction cup to the side of the faunarium towards the bottom of the container. The Bumble Bee Toads will appreciate the hiding spots that the Mandarin will create laying on the ground. Pet Frog Christmas Gift Kit - placing plant All that's left to do is place the Exo Terra Water Dish and Exo Terra Reptile Cave in the faunarium and your set up is ready! step six Pet Frog Christmas Gift Kit - complete kit assembled To learn what to do next and how to care for your Bumble Bee Toads, continue reading with the Bumble Bee Toad Caresheet.

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