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5 Organizations to Support for Giving Tuesday

It's the season of giving, and there are so many organizations that could use your help! Here are 5 stand-out organizations that are championing reptile and amphibian populations around the world.   

Amphibian Foundation

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, this nonprofit works to address threats against amphibians around the globe. They do this through research and education, two things that are near and dear to our hearts! The Amphibian Foundation also has conservation efforts, including working with salamanders here in America. Learn more about the Amphibian Foundation. You can donate directly or become a member by clicking here.   

Amphibian Ark

Born from the Amphibian Conservation Action Plan, the Amphibian Ark is committed to protecting the world's amphibian populations. They do this through captive breeding of endangered and extinct (in the wild) amphibians, along with other traditional methods of conservation. Check out the Amphibian Ark (and their partners). Donations can be made here.   

Amphibian Survival Alliance

The Amphibian Survival Alliance, in partnership with the IUCN SCC Amphibian Specialist Group, works tirelessly to protect amphibian habitats and promote positive policy changes for the environment. Paired with research and education, the ASA action plan is thorough and can be read here. Ready to learn more about the Amphibian Survival Alliance? Donations to ASA can be made through this link.   

Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC)

Made up of 5 stations throughout the United States, PARC is dedicated to the conservation of reptiles and amphibians as well as their habitats. What makes this organization unique is that it's made up of members around the nation–and membership is free! PARC relies on this network of members to help endangered and threatened species based on regional habitats. This also helps keep common species, well, common. Read more about Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation. Donations can be submitted here.   

Donors Choose

Education is important to us, that's why we love This website is dedicated to classrooms and helping children get what they need from a school environment. Teachers and students all over the nation post projects for people to donate to, from Math & Science to Warmth, Care & Hunger. Some of our favorites include adding classroom pets, but there are also requests for learning equipment, field trips, and even gloves for low-income children. For those who like transparency in their donations, each Donors Choose project comes with a cost breakdown showing exactly where the money goes. You can also see the teacher connected to the project, how many students are affected, the grade of the students, where the school is located, and more! Find the perfect classroom project to support at   Giving Tuesday is a great time to help support others, but don't be afraid to donate at other times of the year as well! Nonprofit organizations rely on round-the-clock support to keep doing what they're doing. Help them help the environment!

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