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2018 Year In Review - It Was Big!

Every year at Josh's Frogs feels like it's the biggest yet, and that's because has been! The last 12 months brought a lot of success, some old and some new, and we pushed to be the best company we could be for our customers.If you've been around for a while you've probably noticed we've been expanding. This means more animals, more products, and more people. Due to the unique challenges that are brought on by higher numbers, a large focus was remembering our Core Values as a company. We doubled down on teamwork, communication, and offering the best customer service possible (customer service was the largest growing department in 2018!).At the heart of Josh's Frogs, we want to help bring people closer to nature, and that's what we set out to do!Here are some of the biggest changes and moments in Josh's Frogs for 2018:

More Animals

We added over 75 new reptiles and amphibians for sale this year! The creation of our Reptile department counted for 42% of these new animals. Some of our favorites:
  • Malaysian Horned Frogs
  • Chinese Cave Geckos
  • Reticulated Glass Frogs
  • Big Scaled Least Geckos
  • Smooth-Sided Toads
  • Mantella baroni

Insects As Pets

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, that's why we added vertebrates and large pet insects. Millipedes, scorpions, and tarantulas joined the Josh's Frogs ranks, and they're quickly becoming popular around here!


Though Josh's Frogs travels to shows all around the United States, we rarely do it just for fun. But when the Chicago Herpetology Society reached out to invite us to participate in Reptilefest, we couldn't resist!This show was purely about education, and a team of 8 people spent a weekend in April hanging out and talking about amphibians. We got to interact with over 6,700 people who attended the event, and we were so excited to bring along some of our favorite amphibians to show off. If you missed us at Reptilefest this year, you should be able to catch us again in 2019. We're anxiously waiting for the signup to open so we can secure our spot.

We Made The Fortune 5000 List

We don't talk about business a lot because it's not exactly exciting. But that IS exciting is our induction into the INC Fortune 5000 list! We ranked as number 2421 based on company growth over 3 years. This is a huge accomplishment and we have YOU to thank!

Aquatic Expansion

Yeah, we know, we talk about frogs a lot, but our employees are interested in so much more and we know our customers are too. So we doubled our aquatic products!Tanks, substrates, decorations, treatments, and more were all added to provide a one-stop-shop for supplies. We don't plan on stopping any time soon, and some exciting whispers for 2019 plans are making their way through our halls!

Greenhouse Addition

The plant department was started as a way to provide decoration and function for vivariums. Through the year we quickly learned that people buy our plants for more than just their animals - humans are enjoying them too!In a huge jump, Josh's Frogs expanded our square footage and acquired a greenhouse. This behemoth of a building boasts 3 functioning hothouses, along with office and workspace for employees. A lot of love went into the building with employees coming together to replace water lines, change out cooling filters, and upgrading the roof. The plan is to grow healthier, stronger plants for our customers. With all this extra space we're able to expand our plant offerings!

Sprig & Stone Products

Sprig & Stone started as a corner of the building that offered pots and planters for our plants. This year the household decor line grew to include birdhouses, tools, craft supplies, and more. Many customers also noticed that we increased our Fairy Garden section. More expansion is yet to come, so keep an eye out for new products in early 2019.  Big or small, change happened in every corner of Josh's Frogs. We're all so thankful to be part of this journey and can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for the company. What was your favorite change to Josh's Frogs in 2018? Tell us in the comments!

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